As digital marketing has grown from being somewhat niche to inarguably the most dynamic variation of marketing itself, it has seen a lot of change — not just in terms of what might constitute “best practices”, but also as far as the wide variation of tools and platforms it can offer.

There are several universal marketing principles that will probably always remain constant — catchy graphics and a compelling message will always be pivotal, although what might constitute either of them will no doubt change over time. But with digital marketing proving to be so dynamic while also occupying an ever more dominant place in the overall marketing universe, it begs the question, “Just what is digital marketing?” One of the seismic shifts in digital marketing strategy stems from the fundamental changes in organic reach on seemingly all social media platforms. As social media becomes more of a “pay to play” proposition with every passing year, creating well-crafted paid social media campaigns becomes an ever more essential element in digital social media marketing.

This has changed the landscape as far as what constitutes effective digital marketing services on social media. Gone are the days of an individual or small group simply posting on behalf of a client being able to pass muster as a social media marketing agency. Companies looking for digital marketing services — whether that be in the form of strategy consulting or actual digital marketing support — are often disappointed when the individual or agency they put their trust in can’t provide the results they’re after.

To really be effective, an agency’s social media marketing services must include a paid social media strategy. Small wonder that the plethora of self-help books centered on “how to digital marketing on Facebook”, many of which never go beyond mere posting strategies, are no longer adequate.

The best digital marketing strategy consultant will be one that has both fundamental knowledge and practical experience in both the paid and organic social media worlds.